My Kids and Pets

Our family pet

Has your child been begging for a pet? Like you, I have children who love dogs. Most of their friends have dogs or cats at home and so for years they have begged me to get a dog for the house. Now I’m not crazy. With my schedule and the demands and responsibilities of having…

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My Typical Day of Work-life Integration

Godaddy Stock Photo

You ever wish you had a magical clock that could give you more hours in the day… just on request? I sure do. As a busy working mom, time is precious so I must make the most of it. Managing my time is less of a balancing act and more of an act of integration…

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Missing Milestone Events Are Not Mommy Fails

This may be the first time Serena Williams misses an important baby event but it won’t be the last. New mom Serena Williams tweeted recently that she missed her baby’s first steps because of her Wimbledon training schedule. Serena Williams is learning what working moms have dealt with for years….. The realization that you cannot…

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