My Love Affair with NY & Co.

I grew up on New York & Company. At that time, they were called Lerner. My grandmother loved Lerner. It was her go to place to buy clothes for all of her granddaughters. In fact, she got me my very 1st credit card from Lerner. Of course, my mother had to keep the card so…

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Tap Into Those Superpowers and Follow Your Dreams

With the Incredibles 2 coming out earlier this year, and the release of my latest book, “Think Like A CEO, Act Like A Mom: The Pursuit of Work Life Integration”, this was the perfect year for me to dress up as Elastigirl for Halloween. For those of you who have not seen The Incredibles 2…

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When You Hit a Roadblock, Just Take a Detour

Columbia Kids Save

For the last 2 years I have worked to launch a bike share program in our city of Columbia and to start a child savings account program in partnership with the school district. Both projects, although great programs, met with several obstacles before we were able to launch them. From funding issues, legal concerns and…

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