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6 Tips on Raising An Entrepreneur

July 8, 2020

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Children are like a sponge.  They learn more from what they see you do than what you tell them.  That is why I often say when I am training or speaking that it is so important that we follow our dreams because although we tell our kids they can be anything they want to be, what we show them when we don’t follow our dreams is that they can’t.

I shared in a previous blog how my entrepreneurial spirit was heavily influenced by seeing my parents as entrepreneurs as I was growing up.  I know the same is happening with my children.

After I finished my second book, my middle daughter (then 7 years old) came to me and told me she wanted to write a book.  She had already had a taste of entrepreneurship when she did her very first lemonade stand while our neighborhood was having its annual neighborhood-wide flea market.  I told her if she wanted to write a book she had to come up with a story and to start writing and then Mommy would help her.  I am not sure if I really thought she would do it, but I was prepared to help her where I could. 

After several months, she came to me with a rough draft and wanted my help.  She had really done a great job and was ready for me to find an editor, illustrator and wanted to know when she could start her book tour.  I was amazed, but I am not sure why.  She has seen me do it and she knew that is what she wanted to do. 

Now she is a best-selling author and has been on a 4-state book tour.  She has also launched her own line of Mother-Daughter T-shirts. 

One of Jade’s Mother/Daughter T-Shirts

None of this came from me urging her to start a business, but her own desire after watching me building my business.  Now, her breaks and summers are spent building her business.

Parents all want their kids to be successful adults.  And whether you are currently an entrepreneur or not, I strongly encourage you to introduce your kids to entrepreneurship.  Research shows that the best way to accumulate significant wealth is through entrepreneurship.

Here are a few tips on how to raise an entrepreneur

  1. Introduce them to the concept at a young age
  2. Support and encourage their interest and curiosity
  3. Teach them about money
  4. Let them work with you or another entrepreneur
  5. Show them hard work pays off
  6. Teach them it is OK to fail

I have no idea what my baby will be when she grows up (she tells me she wants to be a librarian).  But whether she decides to start her own business full time or she chooses a different path, the lessons and skills she is learning now as a kid entrepreneur will shape her life

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