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Ambition is not only an asset but it is necessary to make your dreams come true!

August 10, 2020

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Last week, it was widely reported that some supporters of the Biden Presidential campaign complained to his V.P. search committee that Senator Kamala Harris should not be chosen as his VP pick because she’s “too ambitious’. 

WTW??? What ‘s wrong with that.???? 

Ambition used when describing a man is an attribute but far too often used when describing a woman is like calling her the “B” word.  

The dictionary defines ambition as “a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work”.  Isn’t that what we all should be doing?  

In my life, I have had to be ambitious.  It has taken hard work to get where I am and honestly, the more I achieve, the harder I have to work to keep climbing because there is ALWAYS someone waiting to try and tear you down.  

When asked about her ambition after the reports, Senator Harris said, “There will be a resistance to your ambition, there will be people who say to you, ‘you are out of your lane’. They are burdened by only having the capacity to see what has always been instead of what can be. But don’t you let that burden you”.

She is so right.  That should not be our burden.  If people can’t handle your ambition, that is their problem NOT yours.

Let me share with you the reasons why ambition is necessary:

  1. Helps You Set Bold Goals

Having ambition gives you clarity on what you want to do.  Therefore, it make you set goals and a road map for how to achieve those goals. 

  • Motivates You

Having goals is one thing but you must be motivated to make them happen.  Sometimes things are hard and you have no one in your corner cheering you on, but that ambition in your heart will motivate you.  It will keep pushing you until you accomplish what you set out to do.

  • Keeps You From Procrastinating

A lot of people have goals but they sometimes put off the things they need to do to achieve those goals.  Having ambition doesn’t allow you to do that.  When you have ambition, you want what you want when you want it and therefore, procrastination is not an option. 

  • Willingness to Sacrifice

Achieving ambitious goals requires hard work and sacrifice.  If you are ambitious enough, you are willing to sacrifice immediate comfort or satisfaction for the long-term benefit.

  • Doesn’t allow you to Settle

Having ambition won’t allow you to settle for less than that dream.  You won’t conveniently take what people are willing to give you.  You are prepared to fight for what is your destiny. 

  • Teaches Others It Is Ok

I say this all the time but I truly believe it.  We tell our kids so many things we feel we will make them successful, but what we model to them teaches so much more.  As we embrace our own ambitions and allow those ambitions to propel us towards our goal, we will show our kids and others that it is OK to be ambitious and also, re-write the narrative that ambition is a good thing.

So ambitious women (and men), STAND UP PROUDLY!!!  Don’t let anyone’s limited capacity to see your dreams burden you. Whether it is to be CEO of your own multi-million dollar company, finding a cure for cancer, or being President of the United States… it takes ambition.  It takes hard work.  And it takes believing in yourself, even if no one else believes in your vision.  And just know, it will ruffle some feathers.  It will make people uncomfortable.  It will make people try and characterize your ambition as self-serving, wrong or conceited.  THAT IS OK!!!   God didn’t give them the vision of your success.  He gave it to you.  Now it is up to you to be ambitious enough to make it a reality.

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