Working From Home During Coronavirus and Beyond

Tips for Working From Home During Coronavirus and Beyond - Create A Devine Life With Tameika Isaac Devine

As our world continues to deal with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, working remotely has become a necessity for most of us. Just last week, the Governor of South Carolina announced that schools will be closed through April 30. Other states have already announced that schools are closed for the rest of the year and several states have “stay at home” orders.

At first, making the switch to working from home – and learning how to manage remote workers as a supervisor – can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you add to the mix kids being home.

Tameika will share a few tips to help make the transition to working from home more productive

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Drinking Water in a Wine Glass

Drinking Water In a Wine Glass - Create a Devine Life with Tameika Isaac Devine

We are a week into 2020.  How are you doing on your new year goals?  Studies show that most people only keep their new year goals about 12 days into the new year.  If that statistic is true, most people will quit within the next week.  Just 8% of people achieve their new year’s goals, while around…

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My Love/Hate Relationship With Body Shapers

Recently I was getting ready for a brand photo shoot when I ran to my stylist’s shop to grab some items to wear. When I walked in she immediately noticed that I was not wearing body shaper. She questioned me as to why I was not wearing a body shaper like she consistently urges me…

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Who Inspires You

Recently, I attended a power networking social with some amazing women leaders.  Represented in the room were lawyers, entrepreneurs, media professionals and corporate leaders.   For the ice breaker/conversation starter, we were asked to name 3 women (living or deceased) that were role models to us and why.  Of course, I have a long list…

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Hard Work and Consistency Pay Off

A few years ago, I joined a Mastermind Program for Speakers, Authors and Coaches.  I am a firm believer in the saying “iron sharpen iron” and I wanted to be around people who were doing what I wanted to do.   When I first got in the group, our coach used to tell us that…

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Disney's Choice For Ariel Is A Great One

  I am the ultimate Disney mom.  Truth be told, I watched Disney movies even before I became a mom.  There is just something about the inspirational messages of friendship, determination and love that has always drawn me to the princess movies.  But then when I had daughters, it took me to a new level.…

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Are You Productive or Are You Just Busy?

I have been super busy the last 2 months.  Between hosting my 2nd Annual Integrate To Success Conference , travelling and meeting with Presidential Candidates,  I have not had much time to myself yet. As I was preparing for Q3 and looking back on what I had accomplished, I was proud of the things I…

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How I fell in love with the City of Brotherly Love

The City of Brotherly Love is full of history and a great place to visit as a family. Philadelphia was the destination of choice for my little ones for their Spring Break and it certainly did not disappoint.   When we arrived in Philly, we were excited to learn that the Franklin Institute Science Museum…

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What I Learned From Doing The Daniel Fast

New Year, New Goals.  It’s is 2019 and time for next level progress.  I know you have heard that, right?   Every year people start the year off with good intentions.  Setting goals for themselves.  Some goals may be new goals but some are the same goals they made the year before and the year…

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