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3 Ways You Can Help Your Partner Reach Their Career Goals

By Tameika Isaac Devine | March 18, 2018

Everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated. Parents want to know that they are appreciated by their kids. Children want their parent’s approval and what…

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Inclement Weather Staycation

By Tameika Isaac Devine | September 11, 2017
Shoveling snow

When I was little and even when I worked a regular 9 – 5 job, I used to love hearing them announce the close of…

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Match Your Output with Rest

By Tameika Isaac Devine | September 5, 2017
Resting on the Beach

Two weeks ago I started feeling a little sick and like most women, I pushed through it thinking I had too much to do to…

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What's Your Power Song

By Tameika Isaac Devine | August 29, 2017
Power Song

Summer is over and school began this week. Can you believe the year is going by so fast? As I sent my babies off this…

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More than a Lemonade Stand

By Tameika Isaac Devine | August 9, 2017

A few months ago my youngest daughter, Jade, ran her first lemonade stand during our neighborhood’s annual flea market. It was a wonderful experience for…

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I Wear My Mompreneur Badge with Pride

By Tameika Isaac Devine | May 2, 2017
Heart hands

As I increase my presence on social media, I routinely use the hashtag mompreneur. I love the term because for me, it accurately describes who…

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Raising Financially Smart Kids

By Tameika Isaac Devine | April 17, 2017

Teaching financial lessons is one of the most important things we can do as parents to prepare
them for future success. Teaching them well will lay the foundation for financially successful
children who can fly on their own when they leave the nest. What better legacy could you
ask for?

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Get Ready for A Devine Life

By Tameika Isaac Devine | April 2, 2017
Devine Family

Welcome to A Devine Life. Now you probably think this blog is named after me and that it will be all about my life and…

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Spring Forward

By Tameika Isaac Devine | March 14, 2016

Are you ready to Spring Forward? This weekend we “sprung forward” and started daylight savings time. Daylight Savings time helps us enjoy an extra hour…

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