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Covid-19 Reaffirmed That I Was Born To Be An Entrepreneur

July 1, 2020

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Being an entrepreneur is in my blood.

Growing up my Daddy always worked for himself.  Although he had an office outside of the home where he met with clients, he also had a home office that he did most of his work from.  So as a little girl, when I got home from school my Daddy was there.  He picked me up from band practices and cheerleading.  He fixed my afternoon snack and when I was sick, he was mainly the one who stayed home with me. 

As I got older, my mother joined him in business and between the 2 of them, I saw the freedom, flexibility and joy owning your own business brought you.

When I started my law firm almost 20 years ago, I did it for those very reasons.  At the time I was running for office and I knew that I needed a job that would allow me the autonomy to campaign for office and serve when elected.  So, I started my own law firm.

Being a small business owner wasn’t easy.  I had to learn a lot about payroll, taxes, marketing and human resources.  But I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Over the years I have seen so many amazing women struggle with the desire to have an amazing career and be there for their family.  I have several friends who I saw leave the workforce when their kids were born because it just didn’t seem like they could do both.    

I had that same struggle when my oldest was born, but I was determined to not give life to the false narrative that I had to “choose” whether to be a great mom or have a great career.  So, I made sure I worked hard to build a career but also have time for myself and my family. 

So, when women constantly came to me asking how I “did it all”, I knew there was a real need for guidance and mentoring with other women who struggled with work life “balance”.  That is when I started The Possibilities Institute.   

Although I still practice law, my time has been spent building The Possibilities Institute as a business that I can work from anywhere.  And it has truly allowed me to operate in my purpose.  And with Covid-19, it has also allowed me to truly “work from home” so I could be there for my kids, without losing income.

I share my journey with you because I know that there are a lot of people who are struggling with following their passion or operating in their purpose and I am reminded about the biblical story of Esther.  Queen Esther was the Jewish wife and the Persian King.  When the King was persuaded to kill the Jews, Queen Esther intervened and convinced him not to carry out his original plan.  She was told she made Queen “for such a time as this”.  Meaning God always has a plan.  Even if we don’t know what it is at that time, he does.

If Covid-19, quarantine and the uncertainty of 2020 has taught us anything, it is that things are unpredictable, and we can no longer wait for things to be perfect for us to move.  Things that we have come to know as the norm are changing and we have to adapt to a new normal. 

My push and desire for more women to live their divine life (yes, pun intended), stems from the journey I had to find my purpose. 

So, whatever it is that has been burning inside you to try, I urge you to follow your passion and do it.

Tameika Isaac Devine

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