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How To Celebrate Our Teachers While Learning From Home During Coronavirus

May 5, 2020

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It’s Teacher Appreciation week.  But this year, it is different than any other year.  Schools are closed, some people are still under stay at home orders and learning is happening virtually.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, parents are learning how challenging it can be to be a teacher.  I think we all appreciate teachers, but having to involuntarily home school children has given a better appreciation for the role of a teacher.

Even though students are out of school, teachers are working everyday to adapt to this difficult time and make sure they are supporting students academically and emotionally.  So this year more than ever, we need to show our appreciation for the men and women who help shape our little ones all school year.

Here are a few suggestions for how you can show your children’s teachers appreciation this year.

  1.  Videotape message for your child’s teacher

During this pandemic, we have all become pretty good at using technology.  Take advantage of these skills and use your smart phone or computer to videotape a message to your child’s teacher.  Share your appreciation of what they do every day and let them know that their hard work matters. 

  • Send a handwritten letter along with some artwork your child has done while at home

In the day of emails and texting, people very rarely hand write letters anymore.  Take some time to personally handwrite a letter to your child’s teacher showing your appreciation.  Add some personal reflections on the growth you have seen in your child this year.  Attach some work your child has done while home as a gift to the teacher.

My daughter doing a video to her teacher while working on a school presentation
  • Have your child do an essay or video presentation about their experience learning from home.

Nothing pleases teachers more than to see their students expressing themselves by putting into practice what they have learned over the year.  This unprecedented time of virtual school is full of lessons to be learned.  Have your scholar share these lessons through their writing or presentation skills and send to the teacher. This a great way to update them and showcase what the teacher has taught them through the year.

We should recognize our teacher’s all year but teacher appreciation week is a special time to make sure that appreciation is magnified and reflect of how great teachers positively impact our students and our community.

So this year, whether you have students in school or not.  Remember to #ThankATeacher

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