Born into Heaven: Lessons of Love, Faith and Reclaiming Your Joy

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Born into Heaven: Lessons of Love, Faith and Reclaiming Your Joy is one couple’s story about the loss of a child and how that loss taught them about themselves as individuals, as a couple and most importantly, as children of God. Born into Heaven is a heart wrenching story about learning how to cope with the loss of a child. This book shares the loss experience through the different eyes of a father and a mother.The Devines share with the reader some of the things that have helped them through this journey of grief and healing. The unabashed honesty will resonate with anyone iwho has experienced a loss and found themselves searching for answers. But through their tragedy they have found a renewed faith and learned to trust God through it all. After the loss of their son, the Devines turned their pain into purpose by founding The James Henry Devine Pregnancy and Infant Loss Foundation to help support families who have been affected by the loss of a baby and to raise money to support research into stillbirths. They also founded The Possibilities Institute, LLC a peak performance public speaking, consulting and coaching firm that works with people who are called to be changemakers and who desire to make have a greater impact but fear or loss is causing them to doubt their ability to lead at the next level or enter the next season in their life. This book is for you if you: • Have suffered a loss of any kind and are struggling reclaim your joy • Are struggling to find a purpose for your life? • Know that God has a bigger purpose for your life but are having a hard time discovering what that is • Are struggling with believing in or seeing greater possibility in your life • Want to live a fulfilled life and need help gettin



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