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Products to help your whole family succeed

1. Books

The Devine family publishes books that help you and your entire family succeed in life, feel strength in business, invest in relationships, and walk in faith.
This book is not about work-/life balance but rather embracing work-life integration.

Tameika explains how working moms can truly have it all. She shares stories from her own personal work-life integration journey that will motivate and empower readers to live an amazing life. She also explains how by implementing simple work-life integration strategies into your daily routine, you can start taking control of your life and create an environment of peace, fulfillment, and satisfaction.

Signed Copies are available.


Tameika and her husband, Jamie, share their story about the loss of their beloved child.

They delve into how that loss taught them about themselves as individuals, as a couple and most importantly, as children of God. The Devines share the key things that have helped them through this journey of grief and healing, while raising a thriving family.


2. Video Courses

No matter where you're at in your career—whether you're married or single, an entrepreneur or a corporate warrior—these courses are for you! Bring the power of Tameika's eye-opening seminars and workshops into your world, on your own time.

With over five years as an elected official, serving on her local city council, as well as X years as an attorney and a partner in my law firm, Tameika learned what it takes to connect with those who can help you achieve your goals.

This course provides actionable tools to help you find mentors, meet powerful people, and to become one yourself.


Real talk from a woman who's been there: balance is a harmful myth, but you can still have it all.

Let Tameika walk you through what shes learned in her 10 years as a mother, while reaching above and beyond her career dreams, running multiple businesses and serving as an elected official!


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3. Devine Experiences

Kickstart your Devine journey with a half or full day coaching session with Tameika herself. Dive deep into your aspirations, tackle big goals, and come out with a plan of action.

Half Day VIP Day – $500 ($1500 value)

  • Half-day: 3 hours of one-on-one coaching session to draft a customized work/life plan for 2019 to include detailed goals and accountability measurements
  • Breakfast or lunch
  • 1 month post session accountability checks and mentoring

Full Day VIP Day – $1000 ($2500 value) *Best Value*

  • Full-day: 6 hours of one-on-one coaching to draft a customized work/life plan for 2019 to include detailed goals and accountability measurements
  • Breakfast or lunch
  • 3 months post session accountability checks and mentoring

($100 deposit is required to secure either promotion.)