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Meet Tameika

Tameika Isaac Devine is a bold speaker who has walked the walk.

She wears many hats as entrepreneur, attorney, elected official, author, and most importantly mother and wife.

She also talks the talk. Experience the life-changing power of her talks and workshops as she shares the many tips and tools that help her be the high-achieving woman she is today.

Tameika speaks on a diverse topics such as work/life integration, bringing joy to the journey, and dealing with criticism. She is also available to speak on networking, marriage, relationships, and parenting through grief.

She is a frequent speaker at conferences, corporate trainings, leadership events, and breakout sessions.

Tameika only accepts 20 invites to speak a year.
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Work / Life Integration and Balance:

Can Women Really Have It All?

Tackling the age-old debate of whether women can have it all, Tameika discusses strategies on how you can achieve balance in today’s busy world. 

She believes in achieving success in your work while maintaining happiness and fulfillment in your personal life, and she offers actionable advice so audiences walk away empowered to make a change in their own lives.

Tameika will guide listeners through the process and the power of... 

  • Saying no
  • Opting out
  • Ditching the guilt 

Tameika uses these same strategies in her own life to balance her roles as elected official, attorney, wife, and mother. She knows that it takes to juggle it it all because she's living it along with the rest of us, and she offers a candid look at how attendees can do it too.


Enjoying Your Journey

We all have a journey.

Our journey includes ups and downs, twist and turns, challenges and opportunities. But through it all, how you handle those times will define which lessons you learn. 

Tameika will help your audience understand how to see the positive in all life’s experiences and find joy in the journey.

She shares personal experiences to illustrate how listeners can find more joy in their own lives. Your audience will walk away...

  • Motivated to reframe their own experiences with a lens set to see joy.
  • Empowered with specific techniques that will help them expand the positivity in their lives.
  • Inspired by the goodness that surrounds them no matter their circumstances.

Let Your Haters Be Your Motivators

Have you ever been the target of hateful rumors?

Are you constantly dodging darts that instigators and jealous people are throwing at you? 

As a successful business woman and elected official, Tameika understands what it takes to receive criticism, adjust, and move forward—without losing your cool. She shares experiences from her own career as well as advice others can implement in their own lives.

Audiences will leave knowing...

  • How to attack opposition
  • How to maneuver around roadblocks
  • How to create your own opportunities

5 Reasons You Should Book Tameika

Her Presentations Are:

  • 1


    Tameika is living the life that she teaches others to achieve. She is an authentic voice who knows what it's like to run from an important meeting to her child's concert without missing a beat, and she opens up about what it's really like.

  • 2


    As a busy woman herself, Tameika knows that more ideas and platitudes isn't what's needed. Nobody's got time for that. She provides real strategies that work right now to help women (and men) enjoy life at work and home in the present moment. 

  • 3


    Sometimes we all need a little push to get us moving again. Tameika's no nonsense approach encourages her listeners to get moving while also creating a safe space for them to rediscover their internal motivation. 

  • 4


    Because she's been able to discover a better path, Tameika is on a mission to share it with as many women as she can. She's passionate about helping others find joy and shed the guilt in their own lives.

  • 5


    Every audience is different, and Tameika works closely with you to make sure her message is on-point for your listeners. In addition to the topics above she also speaks on networking, marriage, relationships, and parenting through grief.

What people are saying:

Judi Gatson010

"Tameika Isaac Devine is a powerful speaker with an engaging style and personality. Whether speaking about business, political issues or sharing her personal testimony she has a unique ability to connect with her audience in a way that uplifts and inspires!"

Judi Gatson

Anchor WIS News
Susan Thomas

"Tameika did an outstanding job speaking at the Center for Women at NorthStar on the topic Battered but Not Broken! Her transparency and honesty helped to unlock all of our hearts and bring understanding to a pain that could have destroyed but instead was redeemed in Tameika’s life. We could feel the compassion rising in our hearts and in the room as Tameika spoke. The connection that was made with the audience felt almost tangible. I would highly recommend her as a speaker for any event you may have in the future."

Susan W. Thomas

Center for Women at Northstar


Tameika only accepts 20 invites to speak a year.
Extend an invite here.

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