The Importance of Protecting Your Peace

May 30, 2022

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A lot is going on in the world these days. Outside of your daily life, you’re constantly surrounded by upsetting news, global disasters, and anxiety. All of this can easily eat away at you if you let it, and that’s why I want to talk to you about protecting your peace.

To start: what is your peace?

Your peace is your inner sense of well-being and safety. It’s your ability to manage outside stress and tackle problems without feeling overwhelmed. These days, it seems that everyone’s inner peace is being tested, but there are ways to build it back up!

Why Protect Your Peace?

With everything happening in the world, it may seem odd to emphasize protecting your peace. There are so many other things to worry about, but that’s exactly why you want to pay attention!

1. Peace Is Part of Your Self Care

Let’s start with the biggest reason: peace should be part of your daily routine. Life is already stressful enough, and adding a whole heap of negative energy on top isn’t going to help. Unlike a bagel, our lives are not enhanced by sour cream. Instead, it drains us, and it’s hard to give your best when you’re already feeling empty.

2. Attract Positive Energy

I’m a huge believer in the theory of attraction. Happy thoughts bring happy things, and peaceful people tend to attract the same sort of energy. For me, the positive energy that I get from my inner sense of peace is a great way to closely bond with my faith.

3. Be More Productive

When I wake up, I make meditation my first priority. By releasing negative emotions and welcoming happy thoughts, I begin each day with a positive mindset. When I start working, I begin my day in a joyful, peaceful place. This means that my mind is free of distractions, so I can really get into my groove.

How To Protect Your Peace

We’ve figured out why to protect your peace, so let’s talk about how we can do so. There are many ways to cultivate your inner peace, and not all of them will work for everyone. Some people enjoy yoga, and others might prefer quiet meditation. There are, however, certain things that everyone can do to cultivate their inner peace.

1. Don’t Sweat Things You Can’t Control

There are a lot of things that are wrong in the world. We are constantly surrounded by negativity and injustice, but we can’t control what happens! Accept that you cannot change the world alone, and do what you can with what you have. Then, let it go. Internalizing all of this stress will lead to constant feelings of anger, depression, and anxiety. To help myself remember this, I often recite the serenity prayer.

2. Avoid What Drains You

In addition to recognizing that you cannot fix everything, realize that you cannot fix everyone. I’m not just talking about Negative Nancy, either! There are plenty of people and places that drag us down. Some may be blatantly negative, but others are trickier to spot. They may ask us to give more than we can, or they may weigh down our spirits.

Remember: you can walk away. You are not obligated to give your energy to people who only want to abuse it. Save your inner peace for those who need it and avoid those who wish to steal it.

3. Practice Daily Gratitude

Even with so much chaos, there’s a lot to be thankful for! Try to take time every day to think about what you’re grateful for. I enjoy keeping a gratitude journal. I write down my thoughts at the end of each day, and I like to challenge myself to avoid repetition. By daring myself to think of less obvious things, I often find small pleasures that I may often overlook.

There are obvious things to be grateful for, such as a roof over our heads or the gift of life. However, we often forget about the tiny joys that each day can bring! For example, I recently found myself stuck inside on a rainy day. Instead of framing this as a negative thing, I recognized the positives. In my journal, I wrote about how much fun I had with my family! We played games and enjoyed singing along to Encanto. None of this would have happened if it was sunny out, because we would have been too busy doing other things!

Your peace is yours to control. It’s your job to take care of it and, in return, it will take care of you. Surround yourself with positivity, and you will attract wonderful things.

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Tameika Isaac Devine

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