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August 29, 2017

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Summer is over and school began this week. Can you believe the year is going by so fast?
As I sent my babies off this week to their first day of school, we hyped ourselves up for the first day by dancing to what we in our household call “power songs”. Each of us has one.

A power song is that song that inspires, motivates and pushes you, even when you are tired. I was first introduced to power songs when I started running. I use the Nike running app, which allows you to designate a specific song as your “power song”. Then when I’m running up the hill or trying to get through that last mile and I can’t seem to quite get there, I can press a button that says power song and immediately the song that I chose as my power song will come on and it will push me over that finish line or up at hill.

Similarly you may have noticed when you attend a conference with a dynamic keynote speaker, they come out on a song that hypes up the audience and gives them the confidence to command the stage.
After seeing how having the right power song pushed me to finish strong, I realized that power songs are not just for people coming on stage and athletic challenges, but that we all can benefit from having a power song. Starting your day with the right power song will motivate you and help you command your day.

So in our household, we all started using power songs to start our day. I have several of them and depending on what I need that morning, I choose one to get me going. Some mornings I may choose I’m Every Woman by Whitney Houston and others I may start with “It’s A Beautiful Day” by Jamie Grace. My husband is pretty consistent. Every morning as he gets ready for work he plays “You’re Bigger” by Jekalyn Carr.

I want to encourage you if you don’t already have one, to find your own power song. One that inspires and motivates you. One that gives you courage to tackle any of the day’s obstacles. Then when you have selected your power song, I want you to start your day off by listening to that power song.
One the first day of school, my 7 year old, Jade chose “Get Back Up Again” from the movie Trolls. The song says in part, “ I’m not giving up today. There’s nothing getting in my way. And if you knock knock me over, I will get back up again.”

As she danced around in her shirt that said, “This Girl Can Change The World”, I knew my baby was starting her year off right, going into her 1st day with positivity, confidence and ready to conquer the world.

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Tameika Isaac Devine

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