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Working From Home During Coronavirus and Beyond

March 30, 2020

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As our world continues to deal with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, working remotely has become a necessity for most of us.  Just last week, the Governor of South Carolina announced that schools will be closed through April 30.  Other states have already announced that schools are closed for the rest of the year and several states have “stay at home” orders. 

At first, making the switch to working from home – and learning how to manage remote workers as a supervisor – can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you add to the mix kids being home.  

For all of you feeling a bit overwhelmed, here are a few tips to help your “new normal” of working remotely a little easier and a lot more productive. 

1. Have a plan for your day.  

Make a schedule for your day ahead of time and set daily goals of things you need to accomplish. Schedule when you will return calls, when you will check and respond to emails, etc.  If you have school-aged children home, make a schedule for them as well, to include their work time, exercise time and free time.

2. Start your day off as if you were going into the office.

Set your alarm, get up and get dressed (or at least from the top up – yoga pants or pajama bottoms are permissible). This will help jump-start your day and transition your brain to work mode. 

3. Designate your work space. 

Pick a place you can work productively.  Ideally, someplace quiet (which can be difficult with kids in the house, but try), clean and allows you to focus.  Having a designated place will help you transition into “work mode”.

4. Take breaks. 

Be sure to take breaks and stretch your legs as you normally would if you were in the office to keep your brain from burning out. Go outside, take a quick walk, grab coffee, dance around with the kids – anything that gets you out of the work mindset for a short time.  

Work Day Dance Break
Work Day Dance Break

5. Make sure you have an end time. 

Working remotely can get so comfortable that you keep going longer than you need to.  Just as you have a start to your day, you should have an end to your day.      
In today’s technology advanced world, it makes it more and more effortless to be effective to work remotely.  

Coronavirus may be forcing us to work remotely, but the way we adapt in this time of urgency can help us in our professional lives even when this crisis is over (and we will get through it). 

Following these tips will help you and your team members stay efficient when working remotely. With the right amount of self-discipline, it’s not hard to stay a productive and valuable member of your team. 

If you are struggling with adjusting to this new normal, and need some guidance on how to work remotely, especially with kids, or just need someone to talk to, I would love to be an ear for you.  Go to my calendar and schedule some time we can talk.  During this time, we strong women (and great men() need to stick together and I want to support you in any way I can as we navigate this new normal together. 

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  1. Deborah Padgett on April 12, 2020 at 1:39 am

    I keep you and your family un my prayers .
    I have a Moses and Aaron for son’s and Aaron is a Senior at C A Johnson HS.

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